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Iconographer in Residence for Elementary Schools
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Camps 2022 Religion Program Videos
Traditional Hand Painted Icons
Wood Work & Carving
Mounted Icon Prints
Custom Icon Boards
Church borders and Vinyl work.
Repairs and Restorations
Dormition Parish in Edmonton
Camp Oselia
School Programs & Workshops
Group & Parish Icon Workshops
Individual Icon Writing Lessons
Kid’s Bulletin Project
Camp Programs
Marilyn the Catechetical Puppet
Kapusta’s Liturgy Study
Kapusta’s Bible Study

Flamingo Tamer.
Signs, Boxes, Toys, and wooden stuff.
Custom Unique T-Shirts
Fr. Bo’s Family’s Game
(not public)
Expert Spoon on Nose Guy

About Me

I’m a married Ukrainian Catholic priest of the Eparchy of Edmonton. I have three lovely (most of the time) kids, and the most beautiful wife in the world. I love: God, making and doing things, the Saskatchewan Roughriders, young people, and playing. In addition to serving a small parish I run one of our Eparchial Camps (Camp Oselia) and try to share my love for iconography.

Contact Me

  • fr.bo.nahachewsky@gmail.com
  • (780) 340 FR BO (3726)