About Fr. Bo + Theosis Studios

Fr. Bo is a married Ukrainian Catholic Priest and Iconographer who loves to teach and share his faith with people.

Having studied Theology through he Metropolitan Andriy Sheptytsky Institute (MASI) of Eastern Christian Studies, and studying Iconography with several teachers including but not limited to Abbot Fr. Damien Higgins of Holy Transfiguration (Mt. Tabor) Monastery, Fr. Vladimir Lysak, and the Prosopon School of Iconography.

Although he has well over 20 years experience, he does not consider himself a master iconographer.  Fr. Bo often teaches beginner icon workshops, the occasional intermediate one, and accepts commissions for both individuals and churches.

Bishop David has asked him to begin the creation of a School of Iconography in order to teach the beauty, meaning (theology) and process of writing (painting) icons.

Bishop David has also assigned Fr. Bo to be the Program Director for Camp Oselia.  Camp Oselia is an Eparchial Camp that runs programs year round for youth and people of all ages.  It is our goal to share our faith with everyone while having a lot of fun.

In addition to this, Fr. Bo is also active both in visiting local schools and in creation of Catechetical Resourses for both adults and children.  Together with his trusty puppet, and his simple Fr. Kapusta animations he tries to explain the Eastern Christian faith in simple, accessible language in multiple formats including short videos, colouring pages, and articles.

The company “Theosis Studios” and this website “Theosis.ca” is where he puts together his efforts.

The word “Theosis” is a Greek word that means the “Becoming God” which we are all called to.  Theosis, not in the sense of us taking over from God, but our communion with Him; our becoming participants in His Divine Nature.

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