Hand Painted Icons

I have been painting / writing icons for many years and on occasion do commissions for people and churches (and schools, and perhaps a few other communities).

The iconography I do usually is done is egg tempra, which is an ancient paint made from egg yolks and powdered natural pigments. I guild with 23 1/2 or 24 Karat gold, with a variety of different gilding methods, on gessoed wooden boards and other suitable surfaces of various shapes and sizes (from mini panels to entire walls).

If you are interested in commissioning me to write an icon or two for you please feel free to call or email me. But I must warn you: I am primarily a parish priest and I paint only on my free time, so, perhaps I am not the quickest iconographer around (most of the time). An average icon takes weeks of prayer and painting, so unless I put your project as a priority project, often it will take me over a month, sometimes several, to finish it for you. The process also does take a significant amount of special materials such as gold, and pigments and prepared boards, and sadly these are not free, and this is on top of the many hours of work. Therefore properly hand painted icons are not as inexpensive as some would hope. An 8″x10″ icon depending on it’s complexity is normally in the $500 – $800 range. Sometimes I am happy to paint for less than the actual cost if I recognize the need for charity (after all, this is for the glory of God.) However I hope you can understand that I can not do this for everyone.

If you want a quote from me for a project, send me a picture of an icon that you would want me to base the icon on, and tell me the size and the quality of materials. I will do my best to respond in a reasonable time. If however you figure that you can not afford a hand painted work, consider asking me for a mounted icon print. Prints are much less expensive and can be made in a small fraction of the time.