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Sacred Arts Guild of Alberta

About a year and a half ago, several spiritually minded Christian artists, who are mostly in Calgary, began the “Sacred Arts Guild of Alberta”.  This group encourages traditional sacred arts such as iconography, stained glass, oil painting, calligraphy and singing.  If you are interested in this group, I recommend their work, simply check out this website.

It is my hope to build up a “Northern / Edmonton” Chapter of this group.  There are several active members in the Edmonton area already.

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Fr. Bo starts this website to complement his new “business” = Theosis Studios.

Okay, it’s not really a “business” but rather an extension to his priestly and iconographic ministry.  He does not really do it to make money (not that his wife minds any extra income), but he does it to give glory to God, and to help the people grow in their faith.

Please check back regularly as this site as he hopes to keep growing this site constantly (weekly at least).